Terms and Conditions

Use business networking to increase your business by marketing in an informal, but structured environment.

Soapbox Main Ingredients

  • Develop relationships with other like-minded business people.
  • Build a support structure with other businesses.
  • A forum to explore business opportunities, new ideas and trends in business and help each other solve problems.
  • To ask for and offer advice as a group or individually.
  • To increase exposure to the businesses within the group and to expand business networks.
  • To pass and receive referrals to grow your business and that of other members.

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To accomplish this…

  • Meetings are weekly or fortnightly depending on the group that you join. The weekly meetings don’t meet on the last applicable day of the month for that meeting.
  • Soapbox to also notify members of any other networking opportunities to circulate to the groups, as well as training and education opportunities.
  • Regular attendance is required. Your face is your place. Members are encouraged to send a substitute from their business that is in the same role, if they are unable to attend.
  • Every member at each meeting gets 1 minute to stand and present their business to the group and ask for specific referrals. There is a prize for the best 1 minute presentation weekly.
  • Membership is valid for 12 months, with membership fee payable on acceptance of application and payable then annually on anniversary of joining.
  • 4 missed meetings in a 6 month period with no legitimate reason will mean you have forfeited your place in the group and the group reserves the right to replace you. In this instance fees are non-refundable.
  • Members are encouraged to have a ‘coffee’ with other members, at least once a week, to learn more about their business and how you can refer to them.
  • In weekly meetings members are encouraged to volunteer for the “Tip of the Week”, where members have 5 minutes to address the group on any topic they feel is relevant. No fee is payable for this.
  • ’KRaC’ (Kudos, Referrals and Coffees) will be recorded weekly and debriefed six monthly.
  • Chairman of the group to be rotated 6 monthly to be voted in by the rest of the group by email voting.
  • Each group will strive to achieve an average of 25+ active members.
  • Members are encouraged to find compatible guests to bring along as potential members. The member is responsible for advising guests they are able to attend twice as guests, before applying to join.
  • Each member has a turn presenting their business to Soapbox during the morning meeting for 10 minutes, limited to one presenter per week. The presentation fee is included in the annual subs.
  • Members are expected to be courteous and show respect to fellow members both during group meetings and one on one meetings. I.e. turning phones/tablets off or onto silent and to not use them during the meeting, or talk while another member is presenting
  • Meetings start on time; members are expected to be at the venue a few minutes before to arrange their meal and/or beverage.
  • Members are expected to adhere to a time limit of 60 seconds during their 1 minute, in respect to the other members.
  • Members each get their own member page on the SoapBox website www.yoursoapbox.co.nz and are also welcome to submit any further content/blogs/articles they would like published on the site
  • Members are encouraged to join us on Twitter ‘NZSoapBox’ and in the LinkedIn Group “YourSoapBox”

The Application Process

  • A prospective member may attend two free meetings as a visitor. To apply to join please indicate this on the Visitor Form handed out at the meeting or email admin@yoursoapbox.co.nz.
  • The annual membership fee is $469 (including GST) and is payable via cash, cheque, direct credit, credit card (+2.5%)

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