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Why there’s no need to pay to advertise your home

When you’re selling your home, attracting buyers is the primary goal. But, unlike most real estate agencies, we don’t think you should pay a cent when it comes to advertising. We tackle the myths around real estate marketing and why you don’t need to foot the bill.

Meth contamination has been in our focus lately, and we continue this month by looking at the new Government standards on meth contamination in homes. Just how will they affect you as a landlord?

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Why you shouldn’t pay for advertising when selling your home

It is obviously crucial to attract the attention of buyers when selling your home. A highly effective advertising campaign can make all the difference – but you shouldn’t be responsible for paying for it. Read more


New standards on meth contamination in homes

The Government has finally announced new standards when it comes to meth contamination in properties. We explain what these standards mean for landlords, and your investment properties. Read more


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