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Welcome to ‘Slice of Paradise’

September 2017

We are super excited to be programme partners of a brand new show airing on Three called ‘Slice of Paradise’. Hosted by Peter Wolfkamp and Shelley Ferguson (both from The Block NZ), the show follows the home hunting and home buying journeys of prospective buyers throughout New Zealand.

Each episode will feature two prospective buyers with Shelley and Peter presenting three housing options to each buyer, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each. The first episode of Slice of Paradise airs  this week on Three, Wed 20th Sept at 7:30pm and on demand on ThreeNow.


Sharing Information on Tax Residency

Since 1 July, you may have noticed that Financial Institutions are asking for your Tax Residency details. Here’s a video from New Zealand Inland Revenue which explains it  clearly in plain English – IRD Video

With NZHL, if your NZHL account starts with “38”, we’ve made it really easy to update. Simply log into NZHLTransact, click on Settings & Services, then Overseas tax details and notify us!

If your account starts with “12”, you may not need to update your details until your next review.

Honey, let’s talk about money…

Making financial decisions when single and then being in a relationship where you make financial decisions together is a bit like signing up for a three legged walking race with your partner.   Read More

 Ready to Retire?

I don’t know about you but the older I get the faster life seems to go! Where once retirement was something that would happen when I was really really old, now, well, it’s not as far away as I would like to think. Read More

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